MIUI 11 Camera App Code Hints at 8K 30fps Video Recording Coming to a Future Xiaomi Phone

At Xiaomi’s recent hardware event in China, the company launched a bunch of new products but also formally announced the next version of its Android skin, MIUI 11. The new version adds a new camera app, which reportedly according to its code, hints at support for up to 8K video recording at 30fps. Currently, there isn’t any hardware on the Android platform that can do this that suggests that we could see an upcoming Xiaomi phone with support for 8K video recording.

An XDA junior member, going by the screenname ‘kackskrz,’ reportedly stumbled upon a couple of strings in the code of the camera app that mentioned “UHD 8K, 30fps” and “8K UHD” in the video recording section. According to the report, it refers to the ability to change the video quality settings in the camera app. Upon further investigating by other members of XDA, a “new drawable resource for the 8K@30fps recording mode” was also found along with the above image of the Mi logo and 8K 30fps written beside it, in the code of the camera app. This strongly indicates that Xiaomi is laying the groundwork for this feature that would most likely be unveiled sometime in the future, once the hardware catches up.

Today, all the top silicon powering Android phones such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, Samsung Exynos 9825, and Huawei Kirin 990 max out at 4K 60fps for recording videos. It’s possible that Xiaomi is testing out 8K video recording on a custom version of an existing SoC or perhaps a new SoC that’s not been released yet. MIUI 11 is the next iteration of Xiaomi’s Android skin, who’s beta rolls out on September 27 for 17 Xiaomi devices, starting with China.

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